The 2020 Keep America Great Trump Dollar
The 2020 Keep America Great Trump Dollar

Keep America Great

Still fed up with the political class?

Still want President Trump to Keep America Great!

President Trump has made a historic stand, and the Trump Dollars are a testament to a private citizen who took a stand to Keep America Great. Now take a stand for your beliefs. Show how you feel with the "2020 Trump Dollar" – The silver-dollar size commemorative coin made of REAL SILVER & COPPER!

Show how you feel about American politics with the 2020 Trump Dollar. Express your distrust of politicians and the corrupt U.S. political process reflected by President Trump's efforts to KEEP AMERICA GREAT (on the obverse). Then let's RE-ELECT THE PRESIDENT (on the reverse).

Steve Forbes, a two-time presidential candidate and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, commented about President Trump and the current political environment:

"What the election demonstrates is the intense, deep voter dissatisfaction with where the country is and fear about the future... so people are looking for a fresh outsider perspective."
— Steve Forbes

The "2020 Trump Dollar" was created to recognize Donald Trump's heroic presidential candidacy and popularize it with collectors and sound-money supporters. Designed by Bernard von NotHaus, the monetary architect of the Liberty Dollar sounds a clear call for freedom of political speech, an expression of distrust of the entrenched political class, and the need to return America to a value-based monetary system.

Don't delay – First Day of Issue is December 5, 2019